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60s today. will it continue tomorrow? that's the question for storm team 4 metrologist chuck bell here now to tell us what we can expect. hi, chuck. >> hey there, jim. good evening, and a good saturday evening, everybody. what a night change of pace it was today. temperatures actually warmer than average for a real change. and all we want to do now is keep it just a little longer. it's a three-day weekend and hopes are high question stay mild through most of it. 60 right now in college park and rockwell, reston town center, 52 manassas, and not much going on on storm 4 radar. dry for the rest of your evening. a couple clouds around. nothing to worry about in the rainfall department. sunshine back in the picture for your veterans day and a chance for believe it or not thunderstorms in november coming up soon. we'll talk about that coming up, jim. >> chuck, thank you. >>> to other news now. two people are dead after an accident this afternoon involving motorcycle and a pedestrian's happened in the 2900 block of branch avenue around 4:00. police are saying a motorcyclist hit a pedest
, mild temperatures and some sun in our area today. chuck bell is here now to tell us if we have more on the same on tap for tomorrow. >> we had a wonderful day outside today. you couldn't ask for two days that nice in a row, could you? you could ask for it, and you might get it. the clouds are going to wait long enough in the day tomorrow where most of your sunday is going to be filled with sunshine. that's welcomed news. temperatures are allowed back down in the mid-30s. still near 50 in annapolis, your sunday planner will be off to a nice sunny start. temperatures will be in the 30s in the morning we'll start to pick up clouds in the afternoon. with the sun going down before 5:00, we'll get a decent amount of sunshine. 9:56 hours of daylight tomorrow. we'll talk about the upcoming holiday coming up. >>> a prince georges county convenience store is cleaning up after a car drove right through the front door this afternoon. it happened at the 7-eleven on allentown road in camp springs. no one inside was hurt. it's going to take a while to clean it up, he's taking it all in stride. >>
park. want to see your game on tv? send me a note and tell me who is playing, when, and where. i'll put on as many as i can in the 9:00 hour. >>> new this morning one person is dead after a double stabbing at a metro station in northwest d.c. it happened just after 1:00 at woodly park station. police say they found two men stabbed, one in the chest, one in the face. the man with the chest wound died. the knife was found on the metro tracks. police say they have five people in custody. >>> there is a whole new way to get around today in northern virginia. take a live look. the 495 express lanes are open. they opened up around 4:00 this morning and obviously not too much traffic taking advantage right now. that is going to change. they'll get the first true test come monday. >>> with today's opening v dot is hoping you can go to breezing right by backups. before you hop on those lanes we want to make sure you know exactly how they work. two lanes stretch for 14 miles on both the inner and outer loops in northern virginia between the dulles toll road and springfield. t
'm meteorologist chuck bell. we're off to a nice start this weekend. there are clouds up to the north and west of washington. can't rule out a quick little rain drop for you folks up toward the panhandle of west virginia. temperatures this morning are mostly in the middle and upper 30s. we're off to a chilly start. there you can see on the radar some rain showers diving southeast bound most of them drying up before they get to the metro area. we'll call it a mix of sun and clouds. more clouds this morning. plenty of su >>> and that is your latest forecast. erica? >> thanks. >>> nearly two weeks after hurricane sandy hit the area, there are still thousands of people without electricity. and for many of them, patience is wearing thing. stephanie goff has the latest. >> we need release. >> reporter: 11 days after the light went out, residents are steaming. >> where is lip snara? >> lipa management has fallen down on the job. >> send in the national guard, we're fed up. >> reporter: lipa says it can't restore power until flood damaged homes are inspected. in june, a state investigation criticized
. chuck bell is in the weather center with the first look at your forecast. hey, chuck. >> good evening to you. it's so hard that first couple of days to see the sun go down 5:04 this afternoon. it will be down before 5:00 before this week is through. and it will stay this way for the rest of the year. currently, mostly clear sky out there. it's cool, but not cold yet, but it's going to be real cold around here by early tomorrow morning. freeze warnings for montgomery county, frederick county, maryland, all the highlighted counties there. freeze warning for tonight. does not include the district or fairfax, but nonetheless, it will be a cold start. there's your sunday evening planner, get ready to bundle things up. temperatures in the 30s before midnight. talk about the coastal storm midweek coming up. >> thank you, chuck. >>> search teams with dogs combed through a wooded area today in fairfax county. they are looking for a 54-year-old with alzheimer's who hasn't been seen since october 24th. his family says he's wandered off before, but never for this long. and they are very concerned
meteorologist chuck bell is here to tell us what we can expect. >> good evening, everybody. what a wonderful day to be outside today. sunshine from start to finish, and we made it to 71 degrees at national airport. a clear sky still overhead and your sunday evening is going to be a very pleasant one. current temperatures are still in the mild low 60s across most of the immediate metro area. 57 now for gaithersburg, some of the cool spots. clear and relatively mild by november standards. temperatures staying at or above 60 degrees through 7:00. mid-50s by 9:00 as we cool down a touch and a couple clouds headed our way as we get closer to the midnight hour. mild for your monday but there's some cold air coming, and it may even be some heavy rain as the cold front is coming in our direction. we'll talk about the timing of that and how much cooler it's going to be and when coming up. jim? >> chuck, see you in a bit. >>> we now know the names of the two people killed yesterday after an accident involving a motorcycle and a pedestrian. police say jonathan evans of lorton was driving the motorcycle tha
meteorologist chuck bell is in our weather center. any chance for sun tomorrow? >> i'm holding out optimism we will get more sunshine tomorrow than we had today. and that will be more sunshine than we've seen in the better part of a week and a half around here. it won't do much to ease the chill, but even so, a little sunshine will help lift everyone's spirits a touch. for now, though, it is chilly outside. temperatures already back down into the upper 30s and mid-40s. temperatures will continue to slide back another 5 to 7 degrees during the overnight hours. storm team 4 shows no rain in the immediate metropolitan area, there are raindrops across much of southwestern and south central virginia, these are not coming toward us, but there are a few drops up there across eastern ohio, which will provide us, if nothing else, a little extra blanket of cloud cover during the overnight hours tonight. off to a cold start, 30s in the morning. but sunshine for a nice change of pace tomorrow afternoon. a little more sunshine than we've seen in the last couple days. highs tomorrow barely cracking 50 degre
weatherwise as you prepare to travel for the holiday. chuck bell has your storm team 4 forecast, that's ♪ [ female announcer ] nature exists on the grandest scale... ♪ ...and in the tiniest details. ♪ and sometimes both. nature valley granola thins pack the big taste of granola and dark chocolate into one perfect square, under 100 calories. nature valley granola thins. nature at its most delicious. >>> grab your kids, head over to the d.c. armory. meet telemundo's local news team and celebrities. the fair is free, open to the public. the family fair runs from noon until 6:00. music, games, prizes, fooding hopefully. >> hopefully. >> i have a question. >> what's your question? >> que siempo ace? >> what time is it? >> i think she wanted to ask what the weather was. >> this is why i had to take summer school at george mason for spanish. because i didn't pass the first time. >> i think she meant the weather. it goes for both. >> all right. i could say como esta tiempo. >> clouds are totally on their way in for a little bit later on. no rain drops, don't need to worry about the unum
expectations. let's see if meteorologist chuck bell can deliver. good morning. >> high expectations, only 6:00 a.m. on a saturday morning. we need to start with lower expectations and work our way up. good morning, you two. a good morning everybody. your weekend finally here. and oh, boy. we've got good news for you out of the weather department today. off to a chilly start this morning. plenty of 30s on the map. 40s alongside of the chesapeake bay. upper 30s inside the washington area. but 30 in manassas this morning and 32 in martinsburg, west virginia. a couple rain drops to the west of i-81. 99% of those are going to dry up before they come east of the mountains. we will see an extra little bit of cloud cover in the front half of the day because of the little dying impulse of rain shower. we'll call it morning clouds. temperatures climbing to the mid and upper 40s by later this morning. more sunshine by later this afternoon. a beauty of a day today. up to around 63, 64 degrees. that sounds positive doesn't it? >> it sure does to us. >> sounds great. >> expectations have been met. >> oka
meteorologist chuck bell. a fairly nice morning outside. a lot more sunshine for d.c. northbound to the pennsylvania line. but more clouds if you go further south to the south and southwest. everyone will get more sunshine today than yesterday. current temperatures in the upper 30s and low 40s. it will stay chilly today. temperatures will gradually climb to t >>> and that's your latest forecast. lester? >> dylan, thanks. still to come on "today," a new race for the runners who wanted to take part in the new york city marathon. this time to help the victims of the storm. we'll tell you more about that in a moment. agine living your le with less chronic low back pain. imagine you, with less pain. cymbalta can help. cymbalta is fda-approved to manage chronic musculoskeletal pain. one non-narcotic pill a day, every day, can help reduce this pain. tell your doctor right away if your mood worsens, you have unusual changes in mood or behavior or thoughts of suicide. antidepressants can increase these in children, teens, and young adults. cymbalta is not approved for children under 18. p
. there are some sai. >>> good saturday morning to you. i'm storm team 4 meteorologist chuck bell. it is a mostly cloudy sky outside again this morning. we're going to have a whole lot more clouds and sunshine for your saturday but i think we can finally turn the corner on all of this cloud cover as we get into your sunday. for now it's breezy and chilly outside. start off temperatures are only in the low and mid 40s. we're going to struggle to make it into the low 50s for highs today. then over the next couple days temperatures staying much cooler than average. >> and that is your latest forecast. lester? >> thanks. >>> back now to the aftermath of hurricane sandy. new york city still under water. how can it be prevented from happening again? richard engel has that story. good morning. >> reporter: this could be a wake-up call for people to start seeing that infrastructure is national security. for the last ten years, the united states has made its national security priority spreading democracy to towns most people have never heard of in iraq and afghanistan. we've spent over a trillion dollars.
it is not clear at all what caused this crash. >>> to the weather now. another nice day today. chuck bell says more clouds may be on the way, right, chuck? >> yeah, jim. we saw the sun sort of fade out behind that increasing cloud deck during the course of the afternoon. didn't bother anybody's outdoor plans, so that's a good thing, but the cloud increasing trend, i think that's going to continue. temperatures on your sunday evening right now generally in the upper 40s to near 50 degrees still, not all that terribly chilly outside. as you plan your sunday evening activities, high clouds for now, a bit of a cool breeze still lingering and temperatures won't drop quite as quickly because of the extra cloud cover that's out there. so not a bad sunday evening at all. perfect night to buckle down and watch some nfl football. sunday night football right here on nbc. ravens and steelers, clear and chilly up in pittsburgh. we'll have a complete check of our seven-day forecast coming up. >> chuck, see you in a little bit. >>> overseas now, top israeli and palestinian officials are in cairo tonight to t
about pretty nice >>> good saturday morning everybody. i'm storm team 4 meteorologist chuck bell. we're off to a nice, clear start on your saturday morning. it is going to be a great day to be outside today. off to a cool start though. temperatures around the metro area middle and upper 30s for most. a few cool spots. manassas and bristow at 27 this morning. it's 42 at the naval academy. your saturday planner a chilly start but plenty of sunshine for your afternoon. highs today up into the upper 40s and low 50s. a little bit more clouds tomorrow. >>> and that is your latest forecast. lesters? >>> now to the case of a missing florida mother we've been telling you about. michelle parker was last seen a year ago today, the same day she and the father of her children appeared on an episode of "the people's court." now her families is reflecting on the year since she's disappeared. nbc's mark potter has the story. >> reporter: another search this month for orlando mom michelle parker. missing for a year now with no approvable explanation for her disappearance, no trace of her whereabouts.
not be interrupted by any unpleasant weather. things are looking good out there. let's go to chuck bell for the forecast. >> good morning once again. what a beautiful day it already is outside. the sun has been up now for a little over an hour or two, and as a result, temperatures are already on their way up. 45 now in national airport. near 50, though, from annapolis down towards solomon's island. 41 now in winchester. so for today, nothing to complain about at all. sun and mild. delightful thanks to all the veterans who serve, so bravely, temperatures today 65 and mild. >> thanks. we've got full hour of news, weather and sports coming up at 9:00. but now, let's go back to new york and the "today" show. ♪ get out get out get out of my head ♪ >>> we are back on this sunday morning, november 11, 2012. a slumber party there on the sidewalk. fans of one direction. this morning when i got here there were sleeping bags. these fans of the english boy band lining up for the live one direction concert here on tuesday. did you hear they were coming? >> rumblings about it. >> when i got up th
field. >>> storm team 4 meteorologist chuck bell has a check of the sunday forecast next. stay with us. >>> great weather this weekend. let's go to chuck bell with details on the forecast. >> good morning, richard. the pressure really on now, we've had such a nice day yesterday. today, actually looks like a beautiful day outside as well. but a big travel week with thanksgiving coming up on thursday, and we need the weather to stay quiet for now. nothing to worry about, that's for sure. temperatures in the low 30s to 40s. and your forecast for today, sun now, but more and more clouds as the day goes along, and a bit on the cool side as well. temperatures, upper 40s and low 50s. tomorrow, more clouds than sunshine, temperatures once again, climbing to the low to mid 50s. sundown before 5:00 for the next couple of weeks around here. plenty of clouds, yes, no chances for rain. and more importantly, no big winter storms coming our way, nor anywhere else in the u.s. for the big travel week. richard, good news for us. sunshine and 60 on thanksgiving day. >> we like it. thanks, chuck. >>> full
storm team 4 meteorologist chuck bell is here. >> good evening. a pleasant evening outside. kind of on the chilly side, but it is november after all. by november standards and compared to the last few weeks, it's not all that cold out there. overnight lows are not going to be dropping like they have been the last couple of mornings. 48 downtown. 44 at andrews air force base. 51 in annapolis. 43 in leesburg. and storm team 4 radar shows no rain to worry about. we're going to stay dry all the way through at least tomorrow, as well. it will be veterans day, much warmer, tons of sunshine. highs nosing in near 70 degrees on your sunday. what about your monday and a chance for thunder on tuesday? we'll talk about that you will with the seven day coming up. >> all right. thanks. >>> an accident between a pedestrian and a motorcycle left two people dead in prince george's county. happened in the 3900 block of branch avenue in suitland around 4:00. police say the motorcyclist hit the pedestrian and both were killed. officials stay appears the pedestrian was homeless. neither victim's been
. chuck bell has the first forecast now. >> good morning, richard and angie. good morning, everybody. welcome to your sunday morning, after an absolutely spectacular saturday here in the nation's capital, today will be just about as nice. a little more cloud cover today, nothing to worry about from a rainfall perspective. temperatures not cooled as much friday night to saturday morning. a pleasant start out the door. chilly, but it is november. temperature, 41 degrees in downtown. 46 in analysis. chillier spots to the north and west. haegerstown. 31, martinsburg, west virginia 29 degrees. no rain drops on storm team 4 radar too close to us. nearest are off the outer banks of north carolina. today, a sunny start. increase in cloud cover this afternoon. but temperatures once again reaching up to the low 50s and, yes, indeed. you mentioned it. eagles/redskins, 1:00. good weather for it. >> sounds great, chuck. thanks. >>> this morning, family and friends are mourning the loss of a maryland teen stabbed to death at a robbery at a metro station early saturday morning at the woodley park m
until you get to the tight shot. >> chuck bell, what do you have for us this morning? >> my lips are chapped too. it's fun eny you would say that. i was looking for the chap stick for the first time of the cold weather season. if you haven't found it at your house, start looking. because the weather won't get more moist any time too soon. so for temperatures this morning, cold indeed. 41 at national airport. we did drop below 40 degrees a couple of hours ago at national. first time below 40 at national since early march. yes, indeed, a change in the seasons for sure. storm team 4 radar shows no rain drops too close to us. a few drops toward the virginia beach area, those won't bother us. dry in the upstream direction for us as well. sunday planner, cold day today. sunshine for most. fighting cloud cover across parts of northern and central virginia. we'll keep an eye on that won't both every anybody. temperatures in the low 50s. heading out to the redskins game, 1:00 to 4:00 this afternoon. mid to upper 40s with breaks of sunshine from time to time. we'll talk to your back to wor
. dareic ward, news 4. >>> a chilly day. at least the sun came out. team 4 meteorologist chuck bell with your forecast. hey, chuck. >> sunshine and less wind made all the difference. we were only 3 degrees warmer today than yesterday. it sure felt a whole lot nicer to be outside. now with a clear sky. light breeze. temperatures are tumbling quickly. already done to 32 in manassas. 43 here in town. 37, montgomery county. 41, panhandle of west virginia. freeze warnings posted for parts of northern maryland and also parts of northern virginia as well as another chance for some very cold weather first thing on your monday morning. start off temperatures, 32 to 38 degrees. at the bus stops. medium weight coats and gloves are necessary. what about the midweek coastal storm. more coming up. >>> residents in the hardest hit areas are keeping a close eye on weather this week. and the cold tonight as they work to try to clean up and rebuild. fema says it approved more than $158 million in individual disaster assistance. in new york, wal-mart and pepsi donated. 11 tractor trailers packed with
temperatures are on the way. storm team 4 meteorologist chuck bell here to tell us how cold it is going to get. chuck? >> hey there, jim. good evening. everybody watching us lit tonight. has obviously been up through the football game. you saw the cold wind, rain, there in chicago. that is coming in our direction. it arrives here, not so much tomorrow. as we get into tomorrow night and tuesday. for now though, what a mild late night it is. by november standard. 53 now. at midnight in washington. 46 in leesburg. 58, hagerstown. within a few degrees of the high temperature. no ran to worry about. rain drops, closest t us, central and eastern indiana. and kentucky. they're making a slow but steady marchen our direction. totals stay mild monday. cold air is coming. the rain drops, some of which could be heavy at times. coming in our direction. talk about that and jim, i will show you some of the most amazing temperature drops, that tie could find. approaching cold front. get ready for big changes. >> i am scared now. thank you, chuck, see you in a bit. tomorrow is two week since sandy came crashin
to look forward to. >> let's get the forecast now from meteorologist chuck bell. good morning, chuck. >> good morning. beautiful weather outside today. a nice breeze out of the north to northeast today. keep things on the chilly side in the shade but as long as you're in the sunshine it is a pleasant afternoon to be outside coming your way. here is the view from our sky watcher camera over my shoulder. nice and blue skies. current temperatures now climbing into the middle and upper 40s in many spots. a little bit cooler across parts of prince william county. 41 though in winchester, martinsburg your saturday looks like a good one. highs today into the low and mid 50s. no complaints. virginia tech is on the road in boston today taking onhe bc eagles. it is a 12:30 kickoff. sunny and cool. 44 degrees there and the terpins at home taking on the seminoles of florida state. nice and sunny. a noon kickoff i college park. go terps! >>> a whole new way to get around today in northern virginia. we have a live look of the 495 express lanes now open. this is the entrance in springfield. there h
for that snack. >>> it's a decent day outside. how long will the mild weather last? chuck bell has your forecast next. >>> welcome back everybody. i'm storm team 4 meteorologist chuck bell. we are off to a fairly cloudy start on your saturday morning but temperatures are going to be noticeably milder today than they were yesterday. just you wait. tomorrow is looking like a winner indeed. for now though we have a mostly cloudy sky already in place here in washington. our temperature is at 49 degrees. winds out of the north averaging only 8 miles per hour. not much of a breeze to worry about today. grant you the wind is going to be laying down and eventually coming back to the south in time for your sunday. current temperatures a cooler 42 in hagerstown, frederick, maryland at 43 this morning. waldorf, la plata, charlotte hall in the low 40s. already low 50s down across southern maryland. 47 degrees down in charlottesville. your saturday planner yes indeed we have cloud cover this morning but these clouds are not going to be sticking around all day. our skies will become partly sunny to mostly sun
for a check on your forecast. >> it is looking good. let's go to chuck bell. >> i've just taken a picture with the phone here that i'm tweeting out, staying you should be zit standing out here with me on a morning this nice. i also tweeted out a picture of old glory standing tall on your veterans day. here's the view from our tower camera, looking up towards the north there, beautiful, nearly cloudless sky over washington. temperatures are climbing fast. 49 now at national airport. but it's 52 here on the front lawn of channel 4. 48 in fort belvoir. 53 in hunting town, maryland. it's going to be a wonderful day to get out and enjoy the warm, wild, sunny weather. this is a one-day affair. it lasts only today. the clouds come back tomorrow and chilly rain drops are coming back by tuesday afternoon and tuesday night. another check of the seven-day forecast coming up in a few minutes. why haven't you joined me? >> the big question is why haven't you invited him? >> i was safing that for a rainy day. >> i like how he thinks. >>> a train struck a person. metro is single tracking on the red line
started with this weekend's weather. it looks positive. >> here is storm 4 meteorologist chuck bell. >> good morning. a good saturday morning everybody. yes indeed. a week we would just as soon put in the record books for a while. we're still dealing with the impacts of super cyclone sandy. that brisk northwesterly wind that is still in place over the region is still courtesy of the storm though it is long gone, the effects remain, and that northwesterly wind is going to get you chilly first thing this morning. temperatures are only in the low to mid 40s right now across the area. good news is no rain drops showing up anywhere on storm team 4 doppler. here is your saturday forecast. cloudy and breezy and chilly for much of your saturday. temperatures aren't really going to move a whole lot. we're in the low to mid 40s now and will climb into the upper 40s and low 50s for a time later this afternoon. tomorrow is going to be a noticeably prettier day than today. we may see and you are not going to believe this a bright shining object in the sky. we used to call that the sun. it's been
, pretty cold outside. so guess who is out there to see for himself. >> chuck bell. is it true? the sun really does exist? >> it's true. i can see it, what light through yonder cloud deck breaks. never mind. my shakespeare isn't what it use the to be. a tempest in a teapot out here. a very chilly start. even i had to break out the top coat for the first time in the fall/winter season. i thought i could get away without having it for another month or so. not the case. chilly out here. temperatures in the 20s and 30s. live view from the city camera. plenty of green leaves in spots around the area. nonetheless, green leaves or not. a chilly start. view from atop of the camera looking to the west this morning, shows a decent amount of sunshine. a bit of a cloud deck we need no worry about this morning. temperatures in the mid 40s at this point in time. there is the view from our tower camera, looking out to the west. certainly more blue spots in the sky today than yesterday. and that will be very go ahead news for your afternoon forecast. so as you make your plans, sunshine for most before
before it came up the coast. meteorologist chuck bell was looking at the guidance, the computer model. i'm going to talk to chief meteorologist doug kammerer right now who has a little bit more on the different models we were looking at and which one we were focusing on last week. >> i'll tell you what, veronica, this goes without saying, that the model for us as forecasters really help us shape our own forecast. of course, we're looking at all the different computer models to figure out exactly where we want to go with the storm. when we track a storm like sandy, let's look as it forms just south of jamaica. it actually formed last monday. one of the computer models stood out, and even last monday before the storm even formed, before it even had a name, one of the computer models in particular actually giving us this storm coming up the coast. and that particular computer model comes out of europe, believe it or not. it is the european model. and that particular model brought that storm right over towards the coast. it made that left-hand turn very, very quickly. right into our region.
might be fighting for some sunshine today. >> let's go to meteorologist chuck bell. >> hey, good morning. yes indeed, a very cloudy sky outside first thing this morning. you might get a little peek here and there at the sunshine but that's going to be it. that is the view from our camera here high atop the station looking down past the national cathedral. many clouds outside early this morning. temperatures are only in the mid 40s. so a real chill in the air with a northwesterly breeze continuing. you need to bundle up for today. nice, hot cup of soup for lunch would be a great idea. temperatures only making it into the low and mid 50s for a brief time today. so breezy and chilly. perfect weather for football. college football in fact. the bowie bulldogs art home for a 1:00 kick off in bowie today. 52 degrees in bowie for that one. christopher newport university down in newport news taking on the pride of greensboro college. 49 degrees for that one. the mountaineers of west virginia taking on tcu up in morgantown. cloudy, chilly, breezy. that ought to favor the home team after a couple t
standards. chuck bell is joining us with more on that. good morning, chuck. >> good morning, richard and angie, and a good sunday morning, everybody. warm indeed, especially by november standards. warm enough to actually feel like early october. a real pleasant day to be outside today. we're off to a seasonably chilly start this morning. mildest right alongside the western shore of the chesapeake bay. 49 in annapolis. 48 at solomon's island. but don't have to go too far to the west to the water to start cooling down. temperatures mid 30s across parts of shenandoah valley and the blue ridge. no rain. closest drops are a long way away. at least 36 hours before a chance at a rain drop. that means your sunday is going to be a winner. temperatures should be in the low 50s by 10:00 this morning and climb to within spitting distance of 70 degrees. some people may get all the way to 70. we'll talk about tomorrow coming up. >>> today, the president and vice president will honor veterans day with men and women who served overseas. president obama and the first lady along with vice president bi
think, chuck. this morning we're looking at the opening bell right now and it looks like the market will open down by about 60 points. that's probably because of what we saw last week, though. it was a huge market weekend. last week the dow was up by over 420 points in just 3 1/2 days the market was open and trading. that's a big bounceback from what we had seen a week and a half prior to that when we saw the market really concerned with about the fiscal cliff. congress was away last week. there wasn't any talk about the fiscal cliff. we'll see what happens this week because these negotiations continue. but those shopping numbers have given people a lot of reason to think maybe there's some good news out there. we see the numbers coming in on this today, cyber monday,s biggest online shopping day. $1.5 billion in sales. chuck, i will admit, on amazon this morning, i got shut out by the deals i wanted to get. hey, it's worth a try. >> i guess you have to right that "r" button, refresh. thank you, becky. >> thank you, chuck. >>> one of the tasks of political strength, how do you fare
to us about this. >> i will. thanks, chris. >> senator chuck schumer. by the way, i told you yesterday about st. francis the sales church of bell harbor in rockaway in queens. they've set up a relief center. it's doing a huge service, helping people get access to generators and get back on their feet. if you want to help this local relief effort you can send a contribution to saint francis de sales parish, 129-16ricaway beach boulevard, belle harbor, new york. and write on the check relief effort. you're watching "hardball" right now, the place for politics. this family used capital one venture miles to come home for the holidays. that's double miles you can actually use... sadly, their brother's white christmas just got "blacked out." [ brother ] but it's the family party! really jingles your bells, doesn't it? my gift to you! the capital one venture card! for any flight, any time! that's double miles you can actually use! how illuminating. what's in your wallet? let me guess, am i on the naughty list again? ho ho ho! >>> let me finish tonight with this. i spent a good deal of time pu
to make noise about this. keep coming back to us about this. >> i will. thanks, chris. >> senator chuck schumer. by the way, i told you yesterday about st. francis the sales church of bell harbor in rockaway in queens. they've set up a relief center. it's doing a huge service, helping people get access to generators and get back on their feet. if you want to help this local relief effort you can send a contribution to saint francis de sales parish, 129-16ricaway beach boulevard, belle harbor, new york. and write on the check relief effort. you're watching "hardball" right now, the place for politics. >>> let me finish tonight with this. i spent a good deal of time pulling together the powerful unknown story of the late president john f. kennedy. i wrote the book in an unusual way for a historic figure. i based it on people who knew him personally, very personally, guys who worked with him in politics, pals from the navy. people who served as i said as fellow politicians. the book attempts to answer that question that jack kennedy, himself, said was really the reason people read biograph
some choppiness. >> maria, thank you. and i know you'll have much more on "closing bell" today on cnbc. >> thanks. >>> those problems on wall street, just some of the issues facing president obama on the heels of his reelection. chuck todd, nbc's political director and white house correspondent has more on the urgent matters on the president's plate. chuck, good morning. >> good morning, matt. no rush for the campaign weary. the slew of deadlines at the end of the year, the biggest one to do with taxes. and it means this president and this congress have a lot of work to do right now, potentially a lot of compromising to get done, it's a political showdown that seems destined to get kind of ugly. >> reporter: fresh off his wednesday morning's victory lap, it was deja vu all over again for the president. back to the decidedly less glamorous business of trying to navigate what is still a very polarized washington. hours before he landed back in d.c., the president who has insisted on tax increases for the rich spoke by phone to john boehner to begin talks on how to prevent the country's e
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